Empower 100,000 kids make, do & be what they have passion for.

Join Matthew as he faces his tough school project, goes on his first camping trip & inspires your children to make their ideas come to life.

What Exactly Is "How Ideas Ignite?"
We are a company whose sole purpose is to equip children with the self-confidence and skills necessary to bring an idea to life. We make this possible by using our creative cirriculum to partner with parents, teachers & homeschoolers who understand that children are the future and it is our job to teach them how to think BIG.

The Methodology:
The 4-step process taught in this book originated from a "design" process used in the creative field that emcompasses the 4 elements neccessary to build a solid brand around a business.

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“Together, we can educate & empower every generation to make their ideas a reality.”

Joe Chavez
Founder of "How Ideas Ignite"

Joe Chavez

Husband, Father, Creative...

Teaching transforms a child.
A child transforms the future.

As a child, I did poorly in school. As a teen I did even poorer. My freshman year in highschool I had a 0.04 GPA! I had a hard time focusing and understanding why and how I would ever need what I learned in elementary highschool. Then I discovered that I had the gift of generating & following through on ideas that I had for businesses, relationships & even this project! Now, I am passing on that gift to you, so that you can do the same for the generations to come. Together, through teaching, we truly can transform the world!

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